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MEMBERSHIP in the PHILIPPINE SHIP AGENT ASSOCIATION (PSAA) is a recognition of one's professionalism and prominence in the field of servicing foreign owned ships calling in the Philippines. It is an assurance to the Shipowner that his vessel and his other interests inseparable to her voyage will all be efficiently attended to or otherwise fully protected.

A PSAA MEMBER ensures that the ship he is agent of is entered and/ or cleared with utmost dispatch thoroughly conversant as he is with the pertinent Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and other regulatory government offices rules and regulations: and knowledgeable as he is likewise of the conditions and peculiarities of the different ports throughout the country.

A PSAA MEMBER ensures that the best as he could avoid the ship will not incur costly delays in her berthing, loading, discharging, bunkering and/or other shipboard operations. He has prompt access to shore -support facilities and equipments because of his sustained rapport with the harbor pilots: port managers, arrastre, tugboat, lighterage and barge operators, bunker, water, victual and store suppliers. A PSAA MEMBER ensures that all port charges, fees and taxes gears and equipment rentals, bills for goods supplied and services rendered are as per prescribed tariffs or prevailing rates information's on which are monitored periodically to his Principals.

A PSAA MEMBER ensures that all freight and/or charter hire collectible from shippers, consignees or charterers are speedily collected and forthwith remitted or otherwise accounted for. A PSAA MEMBER ensures that soon after a ship sails all documents appertaining to her operations such as statement of facts, laytime statement, cargo tallies, stowage plans, etc. are forwarded to his Principal. A PSAA MEMBER ensures that within a reasonable time after a ship's departure a complete and certified correct statement of account duly supported by pertinent documents, invoices or other evidences of receipts and expenditures is rendered to his Principal.

A PSAA MEMBER ensures that he shall dutifully and faithfully live up to his commitments as afore listed preserve his fidelity with his Shipowner Principals and the people he transacts business with in the shopping community.

A PSAA MEMBER finally ensures his fellow ship agents that he shall always be proper and fair in dealing with them: that he shall not resort to underhanded, devious or guileful designs to solicit business, let alone to take away an already extant agency from somebody else.


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