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Philippine Ship Agents Association (PSAA)

A small group of visionary ship agency companies banded together in1972 in answer to a felt need for a formal forum to professionalize the industry.

Concerned with the vital role ship agency plays in the maritime industry, these companies formed the Philippine Trampship Agents Association (PTAA) with the objectives of promoting and protecting the interests of local representatives of foreign shipowners whose ships call at various Philippine Ports.

In 1974, PTAA changed its name to the Philippine Ship Agents Association (PSAA) in response to the need of changing times.

The PSAA integrated the Ship Agents of foreign shipping lines and those of foreign trampers.


  1. To promote and protect the interest and welfare of the Filipino ship agents.
  2. To assist ship agents in their growth and development.
  3. To work hand in hand with various government agencies in formulating policies relating to port operation.
  4. To establish among ship agents a uniform tariff and a code of ethics that will regulate the conduct of members in their business.

PSAA members are representatives of shipowners and charterers in Philippine Ports. Their main business is to coordinate port operations of foreign principals’ vessels with such government agencies as the Bureau of Customs, Philippine Ports Authority, Bureau of Immigration and Deportation, Bureau of Quarantine and other maritime authorities including the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and Philippine Coast Guard.

Ship agents facilitate the needs of vessel such as bunkering, repairs, port's clearances, loading and unloading operations.

They also see to it that the needs of the crew such as repatriation and other services are efficiently handled.

Since its founding 36 years ago, the PSAA has grown from a small group of ship agents to 52 progressive ship agents.



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