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New Membership Guidlines
Guidlines For Membership




The purpose of re-creating a new set of Guidelines for membership is to provide the officers and members of the board of Trustees of PSAA, as well as the members of the Membership Committee , with  an updated set of criteria that will serve as a standard reference for the processing and evaluation of applications for membership with the Philippine Ship Agents Association.


The re-writing of this new PSAA Membership Guideline was prompted by two compelling factors:

  1. The Expiry and Renewal of the association’s registration with the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission.
  2. The need for the association to update its policies by adapting to relevant organizational values developed during its 25 years of existence.

The new By-Laws only lays out four basic conditions for membership eligibility which has been observed to be pre-dominantly documentation oriented. Exemption could be found only in the last condition requiring the “Approval of the Board of Trustees” as a pre requisite for an applicant’s eligibility.

The eligibility requirement is adequate enough to open the avenues on which the conditions for relevance and adaptability to the shipping industry’s fast-changing developments could be accommodated and implemented.

The new Guidelines for Membership opens by introducing the basic qualifications for eligibility as provided for in the New PSAA By-Laws.

The “Rules of the Game” over which the Membership Committee and the Board of Trustees must conduct the process of deliberation to determine the eligibility of an applicant is, likewise, provided for.  The required number of affirmative votes necessary in order to pass an applicant for membership eligibility as well as the minimum number of dissenting votes required for a denial is qualified herein.

This franchise is the final step in a decision-making process and only becomes operative when the Membership Committee submits its official report and recommendation. The committee is tasked with the responsibility of conducting a due diligence verification on the background of the applicant and evaluating the applicant’s qualification/eligibility based on a standard checklist.

The novelty of this Guideline is found in the manner that the Membership Committee conducts its business. The verification and evaluation process of an application for membership is divided in to two parts. One of the rationale behind this two-stage process is to avoid compromising the position of the association by asking the applicant to pay ahead of processing and approval.

  1.  Pre-Qualification of Applicant or proper screening.
  2. Formal Admission Process wherein the Applicant is invited to join the organization.

Finally, this Guideline goes further by providing the general responsibilities required for the maintenance of membership in the in the association as well as the recapitulation of the grounds for reprimand and termination as provided for in the Association’s New By-Laws.



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